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What we see tells us what to think. What we hear tells us how to feel.

Your sonic identity is an integral and indispensable aspect of your brand, whether it’s been carefully designed or not. DisinterMedia helps ensure that you’re telling a story that’s aligned with your values through the power and psychology of sound. We help you build a cohesive and memorable identity for your project, organization, podcast, or game that will resonate with those who share your values.

Our mission is to ensure you are not only seen, but heard.


Specializing in Decentralized Tech Brands

We're strong advocates for the good that blockchain & distributed ledger technology can bring to the world. Our aim is to contribute to its growth and adoption by giving those organizations the same level of audio branding and experience as their counterparts in established markets. We've chosen to specialize in working with decentralized tech organizations because we believe in their capacity for positive social impact and for the huge growth of that segment in the future. This is our way of helping to build the future we want to see.


Featured Projects

These are a couple of our favorite projects and teams to work with. Check out our Portfolio page for more!

Podcast - Decentralize All The Things! Podcast Network

We’ve had a ton of fun editing, mixing, copywriting, and providing voice over and custom music for the DATT! Podcast Network. DATT! features exclusive talks, roundtable discussions, and fishbowl conversations from blockchain and decentralization conferences around the world. This ongoing project has been an amazing and educational experience to produce. Not only is the content about decentralization, but the network’s startup funding was gifted by the founder of Giveth.io (thanks, Griff!), and funded through our campaign on Giveth’s transparent, blockchain-based, donation platform!

Blockchain technology Startups & DAOs - Giveth.io

We loved working with Giveth on this project! Both the sonic logo and score take the listener on a melodic hero’s journey, conveying the fun, upbeat nature of this community, featuring both organic and synthesized instrumentation to convey the balance of this grassroots project utilizing frontier technology. The flourish of the final chord shows how the sum of the notes, or members of the community, create a greater whole working together in harmony. The score provides a reflection of these sonic elements, taking you on a journey through each member’s vision of the project, culminating with the Giveth motif bouncing along the top of the score’s core chord progression in powerful 3/4 time to tie it all together. Which key did we choose for this piece, you ask? D major. D is for Decentralized.


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