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Here are some of the projects we’re most excited to be a part of.


Sonic Branding & Film Scoring -

Giveth is a Decentralized Altruistic Community using Blockchain for Social Good to build a platform and marketplace for developing communities around causes, connecting donors and doers, and providing disintermediation and transparency to charitable projects. We felt fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a great team on such an amazing project! Read more about our work on this project on our Home page.

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Podcast Production - Decentralize All The THings! Podcast Network

Decentralize All The Things! is a Podcast Network covering Developments in Decentralization and Blockchain Technology. It features exclusive talks, roundtable discussions, and fishbowl conversations from conferences in the world of decentralization and distributed ledger technology. Not only is the content about decentralization, but the project’s startup funding was granted by the founder of, and funded through a campaign on Giveth’s platform!

Tune in every week for new episodes at

Game Music, Sound Design, & Mixing - Stumbling Cat Games

Earning the game a successful Kickstarter campaign, this trailer for Potions: A Curious Tale was a blast to score and sound design. One of our favorite parts of creative audio design is performing Foley - recording our own live sounds to add realism and create unique textures and layers, assuring a unique and memorable audio identity. We also had the pleasure of working with Bioshock 2’s voice actress, DB Cooper, on this project, assembling a final mix that showcases the game’s whimsical music, magical sound design, and Hollywood voice acting.

VR Sound Design, Editing, & Mixing - Cowboy Arms Collective VR

Winner of the 2016 Seattle VR Hackathon for Best Story, Phersu: The Offering is a Lovecraft-inspired VR experience, based on The King In Yellow. Sound designing for this trailer was an absolute thrill, guiding the viewer through several points of tension and release, jump scares, and a relentless build-up leading to the final screen where the retro-inspired title glitches into full view over an ominous backdrop. This trailer successfully Greenlit the project on the Steam platform upon its release. While the game is currently on hiatus, this trailer remains one of our most enjoyable to work on.

Foley & VO Recording, Editing, & Mixing - Tomorrow Today Labs (NewtonVR)

Debuting at the 2016 PAX Developers Conference, this infomercial-style trailer features comedic post-production for an open-source VR physics interaction system called NewtonVR, developed by Joshua’s previous VR company, Tomorrow Today Labs. We shot all this footage in one day with a simple DSLR camera, and no audio was recorded during filming. Everything you hear in this trailer was recorded inside our production studio or pulled from personal field recordings, giving our team the chance to showcase our post-production skills in an enjoyably cheeky manner.

Guitar, Vocals, & Mastering - Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

Nominated for the 2018 Game Music Awards, Gamemusic's Album of the Year, and featured in the Washington Post’s Top 10 Games of 2018, our work on Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is one of our proudest accomplishments. We were privileged to work alongside BAFTA-nominated composer, Ryan Ike, turning his creative vision into a reality. Utilizing his musical theater background, Joshua morphed his voice and guitar playing style between each song, acting out the game’s stories through his performances. We were also responsible for mastering this 30-track album, assuring a cohesive sonic palette across the enormous range of musical styles represented on this amazing OST.

Hear the whole album at

Video/Audio Tutorial Production - Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

Following the great success of the Where the Water Tastes Like Wine OST, we created a short guitar tutorial series for one of the game’s songs, Rail Hoppin’. This video was produced with a basic digital camera and a cheap guitar in an incredibly reverberate apartment under a flight path in Chiang Mai, Thailand. With the right attitude and mastery of some basic tools, anything is possible, even while traveling through an entirely different continent.

Voice Over & Video Editing - Microsoft GDPR HR Training

As a part of the Global Data Protection Regulation compliance, we had the opportunity to perform the voice over and video editing for Microsoft’s HR training series on the GDPR. One of the greatest parts of professional audio production is learning about the wide range of topics related to the projects our clients send us. This particular project gave us more fodder for completely irrelevant dinner table banter than almost all the others combined. And for that, we thank you, Microsoft.


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