Our Services

Here are a few of the core services DisinterMedia can offer your organization:


Audio Branding

We specialize in building cohesive and memorable sonic brands, helping you fully engage your audience, convey information about your project, and reinforce your brand values. We create you an original, unique, and compelling audio logo, music, interface sounds, and an accompanying audio style guide, all in line with your visual style guide and brand identity.

Audio Design Consulting

What does your brand sound like? Whether or not you have a sonic style guide, we're happy to walk you through the theory and process behind audio branding, and help you identify how your brand sounds. We will work with you to create a thorough audio style guide you can use to inform the work of your in-house or contracted audio team.


Audio Production/Mixing/Mastering

Maybe you have some voice recordings and need help turning them into a high-quality podcast. Maybe you need sound effects and mixing for your animation project or game. Perhaps you need professional voice over and music for an explainer video. No matter the project, we love helping build your cohesive audio experience, blending and balancing each element to guide the viewer's focus and attention, and bringing the audio up to broadcast levels and quality.


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